Here's Why You Should Invest in Domain Names?

The Right Domain Can Be Worth $100's even $1,000's.

As you probably know, domain flipping is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online. The math is fairly simple, you buy a domain for a few bucks, and then sell it to someone else for quite a bit more. Unfortunately, you really need to know what you are doing if you want to be profitable doing it…its very easy to buy a bunch of crappy domains that no one wants.

Now, before I tell you about what I’ve got to offer (and my bonafides)…please allow me a few seconds to take a massive dump on the “competition”.

You’ve probably read a bunch of these guides on domain flipping before…and failed miserably. Why? Because most of these guides are full of shit. Go take a look at any of these “competitors”…pretty much all of them will tell you how you can flip domains after 3-4 days and make money. Well, that’s just plain wrong. ICANN(the guys who regulate domains) do not allow any domain transfers for 60 days after registering. So if the “expert” doesn’t know that little tidbit(or doesn’t qualify that you’ll be pushing the domain to another account instead of transferring)…you can damn well be sure that they’ve never sold a domain in their life and are just scamming you.

The ones who aren’t lying, just plain suck at domain flipping. You can see it…these are the ones who’ll proudly show you how they’ve sold domains for $30-50 and even a SHOCKING $200 for a “massive” ~$1,500/mo profit…which apparently qualifies them to dole out advice. That’s peanuts, with all the effort you’ll spend doing that busy work at that scale, you might as well get a minimum

So What Can I Offer You Right Now?

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Well for one, I can offer you a guide written by someone who actually knows what he is doing. I’ve sold countless domains over the past 4 years with the average price of $2,137.52. My biggest sale was for low 6 figures to a fortune 500 company. Granted, that sale required a bit more legwork than what’s covered in the guide, but that’s besides the point. The point, is that quality is very important in domain flipping. Think about it….if you focus on shitty domains that net you a $30 profit per sale, you’ll need to sell 1,666 domains per year to make a measely $50K/yr. Yes, it’s very possible to sell that many domains with a lot of work…but woudln’t you rather think big? 

It’s much more productive to focus on finding high value domains that can net you at least $1,000. It’s not like that’s all that hard. You can get about 20 domains like that in a day by using what I have to tell you(all from a few hours worth of work). And if you really want to do the busy work, that same method will also get you the thousands of the crappy no value domains that you can flip for $30…but why would you want those? It makes much more sense to focus on the cream of the crop. 

The point is that you can replicate the success by just following a fairly simple “formula”. Just look at the screenshot below(note: I update the screenshot every few months so you can be sure that the strategies still work): That’s $18,700 earned in a week, which translates to $74,800 a month or close to $900K a year. And that doesn’t even include any of the payments made via a wire transfers or p-cards.

domain flipping, domain flipping formula, domain flipping guide, domain flipping ebook

As you can see, you can make a very comfortable living doing domain flipping, and it’s hands down the easiest way to make money on the web. I’d know, before I got into domain flipping I tried my hand at pretty much every single method of making cash online…and failed miserably. The problem with all these other methods of making cash online(affiliate marketing, adsense sites etc)…is that you aren’t alone. You have a ton of competition, you have to compete to rank in Google, you have to compete to make sales, you have to compete for attention. That’s where domain flipping is different.


If you own a domain, the buyer has to go through you to buy it. They can’t get it anywhere else. And best of all, you aren’t reliant on anyone else for anything. And of course the profit margin is HUGE, and actually allows you to make real money on the web…with very little effort.

Let’s compare all the different ways you can make $10,000/mo….which is nothing…that’s only $120K/yr.

With adsense sites, you’d need close to 2 million page views to make that much($1 CPC/.5% CTR). 
As an affiliate, you’ll need to make about $350K worth of sales(3% commission)…EVERY MONTH(more if you do PPC).
With lead generation, that’s close to 2000 leads($5 per lead)…and you need to find someone to actually pay for those leads.

And domain flipping? That’s just 5-10 domains sold per month. If it takes you 2 days to do marketing for each domain, that’ll still leave you with an extra 20 days to make more money.

What's Included?

domain flipping, domain flipping formula, domain flipping guide, domain flipping ebook

The guide is basically a walkthrough for my method. I’ll tell you what I do and what I focus on during the entire process. I’ll cover everything from the moment you start looking for the domain to the moment you recieve that 4-5 figure payment for it. And if you are completely clueless about domaining and the web in general, there is also an intro with all the basic information that you’ll need. 

Note, this guide skips the b.s. I’m not going to milk it for 300 pages so that you feel like the guide is big enough to warrant the price tag. Just like domaining, quality trumps quantity. My guide is short and to the point(~120 pages). You’ll just get the information you’ll need and nothing more.

100% This stuff works!

Here are a few testimonials sent by a few people who’ve purchased this guide. Once again, unlike all the BSers that just type up random stuff on their page (“this stuff is awesome -Bill Gates, “couldn’t have done it without you!” – Steve Jobs), I’m giving you actual screenshots so you can see that these are real testimonials, and not just some text I made up. This is also why I’m not including any testimonials that used a free email provider like hotmail, yahoo or gmail to contact me.

domain flipping, domain flipping formula, domain flipping guide, domain flipping ebook
domain flipping, domain flipping formula, domain flipping guide, domain flipping ebook

Like I said, this stuff works. The results speak for themselves.

So go ahead and give it a try.

What does it cost?

I’m not going to do the tired “OMG THE NEXT 3 BUYERS WILL GET 60% OFF, BUY BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!!!” bit that every eBook/guide tries to pull on their sales page, I figure you are smart enough to see through that b.s (hint…there is always a sale). And this shouldn’t be an impulse buy. There are also no exit popups that urge you to think of this moment as the day you decided to change your life. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, just quality information.

The price for the guide is $99. Pricey? Of course…but you get what you pay for. That’s because I’m not selling garbage, this is actionable information that will make you money. And I want to make sure that you actually stick with it. Plus, I want to limit the information access, there is no sense in giving away information that would be useless, since you’d be competing with tens of thousands of people. So if you are ready to learn the proven way to making money with domain flipping, hit the big green button below.

If the price is too much for you, you are welcome to try this stuff on your own…although I have to warn you, without the guide, you’ll lose a lot more than $99 by buying crappy domains that you won’t be able to sell. And it’s not like it’s all that much…you’ll pay more than that for a useless class on English Literature at a community college…and at least with this you can make some real money.

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Refunds: The refund policy is pretty simple. You have 60 days to get a refund. I’d give you more time, but 60 days is the max that’s allowed by the payment processor.

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